Case Study: Pet Food Express Shaping a retail brand through store environment and packaging



Shaping a retail brand –A store THAT SPEAKS TO YOUR PET

Pet Food Express is the fifth largest pet products chain in the United States with over 50 stores in Northern and Southern California. RadiantBrands worked with Pet Food Express for over five years to developing the in-store expression of the brand to distinguish them as a leader in natural and holistic foods and products. A brand committed to the health and safety of your pet with quality foods and a pet-friendly environment.

Radiant created unique illustrated characters representing a cat and dog that could be anyone’s pet. These “spokes pets” become the icons for the brand. They created images of fun that pet owners recognized as their own pet. This eventually evolved into tile murals in self-service pet washes, signs the at said “dog stuff” and “cat stuff”. A personable and friendly world the built trust with customers. In addition, each store was personalized with murals and graphics related to the local community and their local rescue groups so local pet adoption and rescue organizations were the heros. Signs and poster spoke to a casual and fun place for pet owners and their pets.

The point of the store environment was to speak to the customer at every level, every part of the store, the shelves, the signage, the entry the check out. Everywhere you go in Pet Food Express you feel welcome and it’s all about your pets for health, fun and life.

We had the ability to experiment with ideas on what reaches consumers and we wanted them to get this idea that we’re not about selling you were about telling you what’s cool, healthy and fun.


Building the brand we recognized the connection between pet lovers and the brands they purchased. They loved their pets and wanted to trust the store they went to.


Following on the success of this repositioning, Pet Food Express asked RadiantBrands to develop private label packaging for a line of products to expand its reach with customers.

RadiantBrands developed the theme of “smart stuff for pets” for branded cleaning products, cat litter and eventually cat and dog treats. Out of this work came the name Smart n’ Clean for cleaning products as well as the branded look of this private label featuring the same animal icons created for the store brand.


Pet Food Express evolved from a relatively bland, unknown brand confused with competitors to personalized, natural pet product store that pet owners recognized and loved.


Overall Pet Food Express expanded its brand experience into products, store environments and pet adoption creating a pet-friendly world that any pet owner would love.




Scope of Work

• Brand identity
• Store signage and decor
• Advertising and media
• Package and label design