Who Are You? Define your brand strategy first

Who Are You? Define your brand strategy first




Before you build marketing, place advertising, place sponsorships or plan SEO or content strategies you need to define why your brand is unique and who most values your company and offerings.

Building the strategy, like building a building

– Start with a competitive analysis

It takes time to carefully assess your focus, values and strategic difference between your competitors and you. Look deep into this inquiry. You’re not all things to all customers. Knowing this is fundamental to seeing your real strengths and knowing your value vs. competitors.

– State your core values

What does your company, your brand really stand for? If you don’t know, it’s time to seriously look at this. These values should come through in everything you do to market your products. Peet’s Coffee is totally committed to bringing the finest coffee from its source, to roasting, to serving customers. They want you to know their “obsession” with quality, their dedication to what their core customers value.

– Define your core customers

What really matters to your customers? It’s essential to really get into that. Understand if there are different segments of your market, different demographics with different motivations. When working with Smithsonian’s online store we developed core personas that included a grandmother focusing on gifts, schoolteachers and older men who are air and space geeks. Each of these groups has different reasons for purchasing and different motivations that connected them to the brand, all which gave us clues to attracting customers.

– Create your identity, shape your brand voice

This is not just about your logo. It’s about creating a unique image of your brand, your logo, your tagline and what they mean for your customers. What’s your brand promise to them? All the pieces of your brand need to connect both visually and with key, simple words to the essential values of your customers. Although Whole Foods Market is perceived as expensive by many folks, they have built a brand voice around safe, quality organic products and the local communities they are in. Whole Foods tells you that what matters to you is part of who they are. This creates loyalty and builds trust. All the touchpoints that connect to consumer experience, the colors of the brand, key messages, emotional presentation and more can reinforce customers’ experience of your value.

– Develop the channels to your market

Now that you have clarity about your brand, develop the marketing channels that target your customers wherever they are, with what matters to them. This gives you a competitive advantage over any mass-market approach to marketing.

Branding is complex and it’s always a dynamic and changing world where customers shift preferences. Being focused and concise with your brand builds your image with customers – they get to know you.

– Create content with a unique voice

With clear positioning and language you can speak to your core customers in a way that attracts them with value they care about.

– Develop targeted content

Know who and where your customers are so you can address their interests, their needs and what excites them. Knowing that those who read National Geographic also go to the National Parks at a high rate tells Subaru where to place ads.

– Shape a targeted SEO and content marketing strategy

Now you know about your customers, where you can reach them and how to bring their attention to what you do. And you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and see what is truly resonating with customers. This gives you the market intelligence needed for good SEO and targeted content that speaks to your customers.

– Consistency

Finally, creating a consistent brand message will build awareness and focus. You will be known for specific values and products and it will help you keep all your tactics in line with a single, ultimate goal. Furthermore, you’ll increase familiarity and appreciation among customers.




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