Try Being Real

Try Being Real


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Try Being Real: 5 Strategies to connect authentically and engage with customers

There’s one simple thing you can do to connect with customers that gets their attention: being real, coming from what matters to them. It’s a matter of seeing outside the conventional patterns and approaches everyone uses to reach the same clients and customers by just profiling them. Instead, be truly authentic with them.

Remember, customers are bombarded by content, sales and personalized pitches. It’s a matter of seeing outside the conventional patterns and approaches everyone is using to reach the same market. Learn to think like customers think. What are their concerns and motivations? Here are some ways to think differently:

numbers-01Focus on building relationship and trust – not selling more stuff
Do you think Whole Foods spends most of its time pushing products? No, they carefully look at the community they are in and focus on what’s important to you, the customer: supporting your causes, your local farms, and offering you opportunities to come to the store and try new things, ultimately connecting you to what you want to be a healthier person. They’re focusing on the relevant value, not just pushing offers – that’s the key.

numbers-02Discover new channels to reach customers – like non-profit causes that matter to them
You need to have a plan the really builds connection, trust and unique value. Where does your core customer hang out? How can you capture their attention in a unique way? Keep it simple, outside your normal channels of marketing. Market through sponsorships of non-profits events, for example, to build trust and get unique visibility to your core demographic. You’re showing that you care about what they care about.

numbers-03Know your customers – but don’t freak them out!
We all get personalized mail, the dental clinic you’ve never gone to that says, “Hey Steve! Time to get your teeth cleaned!!” It’s like having someone come up to you on the street and use your first name and ask you if they can dry clean your clothes. Don’t they get that YOU DON’T KNOW THEM??!

Just gathering demographic and behavior data isn’t good enough. You have to create a relationship, a connection. You have to ask permission to engage the customer. Once you do this you can begin to build a deeper connection. Yes, define who your customers are by their needs, their desires, how they receive content and use technology…but just using technology, refined data bases and knowing what color socks they wear does not build a relationship of trust. Connect with them in a respectful way and offer them value, not harassment.

numbers-04Offer real content that educates – forget sales pitches or why you’re better
Focus on the concerns of the customer and give them an opportunity to see you as someone with real value. Information changes the game from resistance to connection. For a financial services company, real value might be demonstrating how particular financial products work and giving truly valuable information that empowers the customer. Then, the customer will see them as the expert on relevant financial services.

numbers-05And, don’t forget – be a little offbeat and unexpected
Think about it, when you see a GEICO ad it sucks you in, it gets you to see something you didn’t have any clue would take you to insurance. Sure, some of these are a bit ridiculous, but the sheer unconventional approach gets you to pay attention. They are consistent, however. Their ads always focus on inexpensive, low cost insurance that anyone can get and they fill your mind with strange images of a guy playing a violin in his underwear at the same time!