Brand Activation

Brand Activation


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Brand Activation: Building a brand is one thing, but how do you bring it to life?

Brand Activation: here’s a term that’s been around for several years and is gaining ground with marketers. Has a very purposeful sound: turn on a switch and the “brand machine” starts churning and creating brand experiences and awareness. This isn’t too far from the truth, but the real meaning of “brand” has be more than just a rebranding process, a nice press release and some social media announcements.

Shaping what a brand means to consumers and businesses takes time because brands live in our associations and experiences. These rich, experiential memories build up as one repeatedly encounters the brand. Too often, when rebranding occurs or a new brand is launched, nothing is done to really build perceptions with customers, staff and the larger world. The key to a successful brand launch is consistently and powerfully activating it through as many touchpoints as possible and measuring customer experience and engagement. This is critical to supporting any meaningful value for today’s consumers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a retail company, a city or a non-profit. Every brand has meaning and you have to shape that meaning.

Building a program of brand activation is critical to bringing the brand to life in such a way that it’s relevant to the audience and attracts new customers as loyalists. Too often marketing programs don’t really connect to the meaning of the brand—they focus on sales, recognition or the latest theme. How does the message relate back to some real, relevant need or emotion for consumers? If the message of the brand is meaningful to new groups of consumers, solves a problem or supports their vision, it can support a successful marketing program for the brand launch.

Here are key steps to building a brand activation program that can launch a brand with real connection to to the audience.

Activating Your Brand:

Define your core brand values

Identify key customer touchpoints

Create a web presence that defines you

Articulate the message for social media channels

Make sure your employees are empowered to communicate and live the brand

Use video and other media to communicate

Plan launch and measure impact