Make it Real Through Video: Experiencing the Brand

Make it Real Through Video: Experiencing the Brand


  1. Make it Real Through Video Experiencing the Brand: How do you connect with customers?
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  3. Radiant Work: CREATING A NEW COMMUNITY RadiantBrands creates a new brand—Watson Ranch


Make it Real Through Video

Experiencing the Brand video
When you see someone experiencing a beautiful beach, walking through a store, demonstrating a product, or a team celebrating their win, you share their emotions, their reality. You’re totally in the moment. The environment, the images, and the tone all express something real. Essentially, branding is about these vivid touchpoints that connect.

How do you connect with customers?
The brand logo and colors support the feelings you have when you walk into a store, when you get into that BMW, or drink that great craft beer. But how are these “feelings” shaped? We are constantly differentiating meaning from one product to another, and from one brand to another. Ultimately, it’s all the small connections and feelings that can be crafted and come together as the brand experience.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with images and words—standing out from the crowd is difficult. Yet, as marketers, we need to shape these images, words, and experiences to target very specific customers so they will know who we are. It’s tempting to think, “Of course they will remember our software or product over another, know that our pet store chain is the best one, etc.” No, it’s not that simple. Features are merely a list of promises. So, what’s the hook? What’s the story the customer can feel, remember and identify with?

Video creates the brand experience
Short video can change consumer perceptions and capture attention. Video generates the emotional loyalty that creates a difference, draws people in, and makes the brand real. It’s that integrated brand experience that is critical to developing connections and meaning for consumers. No wonder short video has become a key component of brand launches as well as integrated marketing efforts.

In a 30-second to 5-minute video, you can achieve your branding and marketing goals—tell a compelling story about the brand, have viewers experience the product—and bring the brand to life.

Brooklyn Basin: Life on the water

brooklyn-basin-videoWe produced a short video for a new mixed-used housing development in Oakland for an amazing 65-acre project on the Oakland waterfront. This development is one of the largest projects of its kind in the Bay Area. But, nothing is built yet. How could we portray an experience of this future project, which may take over 10 years to build? We scripted and produced a 3-minute video that incorporates the voices of the urban planners and the vision of the developer along with carefully crafted still and animated renderings of the project. Blending these elements with footage of Oakland, the waterfront and Jack London Square, as well as of real people and events made the video an experience of the new community, its future in Oakland and the authenticity and sophistication of the brand. The video is now on the Brooklyn Basin project website, YouTube, and other media platforms to attract interest from partner developers, future residents, and the community.

Video has reach
The power of video is incredible; with the proper SEO (search engine optimization) and embedded links to relevant sites, you can reach much further than through email or targeted online marketing efforts alone. Video evokes emotion, going beyond borders and cultures. Because video is a form of marketing that is easily forwarded and shared, viewers become your advocates and can be invited to promote your brand.

Video engages
The ultimate strength of video is its ability to draw people in. Our experience is guided by what we see and hear, not what we’re told. We become part of the world depicted in the video and we remember the brand. Static web or print media that is simply descriptive can’t have the same impact. The brand elements, the logo and the ads we see all reinforce the video experience and our connection to the brand.

Video produces results
And lastly, an article from AdWeek has validated these points on the rapid shift to digital video ad spending. MasterCard, Modelez and Verizon Wireless have shifted up to $500 million in spending from TV to digital and are getting better, more targeted responses from short video online. Read the article here

Planning a short video

Use real testimonials, people, experiences; don’t fake it—your audience has to be part of the experience.

All the shots that fill in the background details are equally important to the experience of the brand and create context for the story.

Whatever you do, script it, and be clear what the story is. Define and convey the message, the hero, and what you want people to come away with.

All the subtle references and meaning that connect people to the brand and make it believable stem from what you know your customers connect with. Make sure you cover this in detail.

New Radiant Work:

Creating a New Community

RadiantBrands creates a new brand: Watson Ranch

The City of American Canyon evolved as a community existing between Vallejo to the south and Napa to the north. RadiantBrands worked with developer McGrath Properties to establish a brand, logo, and website for Watson Ranch, a proposed new community in American Canyon, to be built on a site that includes a 100-year-old concrete plant. The development plans describe a vision for utilizing some of the picturesque ruins as a community center, with housing and open space developed around it. Radiant created visual branding focused on this center to reference the beautiful setting and underscore the amenities to be provided at the center.


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