4 Trends Shaping Marketing in 2016

4 Trends Shaping Marketing in 2016


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Four trends in marketing that are changing everything

Here’s how to build lasting relationships with smarter consumers who have more choices. People are using new ways to find and advocate for what they want, and smart companies are delivering:

numbers-01Build loyalty through real relationship marketing
The idea of relationship marketing is not new. However, companies now have tracking of search and shopping behavior to shape quick responses. Unfortunately this market intel is frequently used to pound people with repetitive ads and emails, something we are all too familiar with! This “brute force” approach can and does produce results, but more sophisticated retailers both online and in stores want to create a more lasting relationship. They are using the intelligence gathered about behavior and purchases to infer more about people’s likes and needs and direct much more effective, valued content and suggestions to customers. Big gorilla Amazon leads in this, but many others are becoming increasingly sophisticated in reaching out to their markets without alienating them.

numbers-02Shape connections around customers’ needs, not just their behavior
Understanding how customers behave, what they do, how you as a brand can support what your customers want – that’s the key to building a real relationship, whether it’s retail or even b2b. Creating that valued connection that enables customers to pursue their goals makes all the difference. If customers value the relationship, the brand has created a loyal following. Whole Foods, Amazon and Nordstrom lead in this approach as Target tries to catch up.

numbers-03On-demand location marketing – think Uber
This is where the revolution is really happening. Being able to match demand with supply and price in real time radically changes how mobile works for people using Uber or Lyft. They now have more choices – another option is always in the background. What if this state of affairs moved to retail or the restaurant environment? If stores knew what you’re looking for, they would change their inventory model and how they get you into the store. Not sure what’s going to be the “Uber” in this space, but it’s coming. Given that 85% of consumers have smart phones, there must be an app that will tell you where to get what you want, now.

numbers-04Deliver highly customized content – like on Amazon
Lastly, highly focused and customized content will lead to getting even the smallest and most obscure products in front of a vast number of consumers. The ability to aggregate all the “searches” for specific things allows small players with customized or very individualized products to find customers and grow. Just because there are giant players like Amazon does not mean all the small businesses will go away. It means numerous small manufacturers will have broader access to much bigger markets at a very low cost.


These are just some of the big trends that are coming. Coupled with these is the rapid expansion of social media as a marketing tool to reinforce value for products and services. The “loyalty” factor will build an army of aficionados who promote specific products, services and brands. They will have no problem advocating for the products they love.




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