Steven Donaldson

Super Giant Breakfast Teriyaki

In marketing and branding it’s all about the target audience and how you get your message across. Who will you attract? What will be the value they see? It’s not always easy when you have a place called Fred’s diner or Maria’s Taco Shop.

Bad Naming: Pyramid’s Haywire is gone (finally)

We say that an iconic, recognizable label needs three things: a clear visual that represents the name – an icon like the bison, the brand name and lastly the style of beer. This is what consumers are cruising for as they cover the shelves.

Tropicana’s big mistake. Where’s the orange and the straw?

Tropicana got lost in the world of generics. It was just another white container with a picture of orange juice pouring. Consumers were saying where’s the orange with the straw?

The Label Tastes Good – why perception creates brand value

So you think that taste really is the deciding factor in food choice. Think again. The brand makes all the difference.