A Big Picture Approach


You want a brand or campaign that is memorable, unique and truly connects with stakeholders. We deliver branding and communications through a brand-centric approach, using research and analysis to build brand strategy (value definition, key messages, look and feel, personality) and brand activation through all media channels.

The RadiantBrands team is a mix of marketing and branding strategists, researchers and creative thinkers. The principals, Steven Donaldson and Michael Zinke, have delivered marketing strategy, naming, branding, web, and communications design initiatives for startups to Fortune 500 companies, cities and non-profits for over 20 years.


Building Authenticity and Relevance

We want to contribute to our clients’ successes by creating and implementing messaging and brand experiences through physical environments and communications in all media. We are committed to delivering an authentic experience of the brand – so your  audience gets the  value and relevance to them. We create brand stories that are real, that connect and motivate.